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Walden Woods Golf League

Version 2019.2.003

Courses We Play

CoursePro Shop
Brooksville CC352.796.8879
Candler Hills Golf Club352.861.9712
Citrus Hills - The Meadows352.746.4425
Citrus Hills - The Oaks352.746.4425
Clearwater Golf Club727.446.2240
Crescent Oaks727.937.4653
Crystal River Country Club352.795.2100
Glen Lakes CC 352.597.9000
Harbor Hills Country Club352.753.7711
Hernando Oaks352.799.9908
Juliette Falls Golf Club352.522.0309
Lake Jovita352.588.9200
Ocala National352.629.7980
Pasadena Yacht and CC727.381.8337
Plantation Inn & Resort352.795.7211
Royal Oaks Golf Club352.861.1818
Sherman Hills Country Club352.544.0990
Silverthorn Country Club352.799.4653
Skyview at Terra Vista CC352.746.3664
Southern Hills352.277.5000
Southern Woods Golf Club352.382.1200
Stone Creek Golf Club352.854.1272
Tarpon Woods727.784.7606
Twisted Oaks352.746.6257
Walden Lake - Hills813.752.1171
Walden Lake - Lakes813.752.1171
Waterlefe Golf Club941.744.9771
World Woods - Pine Barrens352.796.5500
World Woods - Rolling Oaks352.796.5500

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List of Events

Monday, Oct 21, 2019Brooksville CC - Forward Tee7:52169TBDActive

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 Season

Hole Jackpot Winners

 Closest To PinLongest Putt
06 May 2019Tom Bryant513' 0"Dick English107' 4"
13 May 2019Ed Tully925' 1"Joe Flood420' 5"
20 May 2019Mike Chapman1728' 7"Kent Kester129' 8"
27 May 2019Ed Tully928' 3"Bruce Osborne83' 4"
03 Jun 2019Bob Adler142' 8"Carrie Over18 $13
10 Jun 2019Dan Sexton57' 9"Kent Kester310' 10"
17 Jun 2019Bill Gauthier511' 10"Kent Kester24' 8"
24 Jun 2019Steve Salagaras1416' 10"Steve Salagaras113' 6"
01 Jul 2019C Rotten922' 0'Steve Salagaras45' 6"
15 Jul 2019Bill Hieb148' 1"Steve Salagaras713' 4"

Great Advice from a Golf Legend
If you had to hit the green from 125 yards, what golf club would you use? There's a great story about Ben Hogan playing a practice round with a young pro who idolized him.

Hogan would hit a shot and the young pro would say, “Great shot, Mr. Hogan! What did you use there?” And of course Hogan walked on without answering. But the young pro persisted, because he wanted to know.

From the fairway on the ninth hole, or perhaps another hole close to the clubhouse, Hogan hit his ball to the green and the question came again.

With the young pro standing there, Hogan took all the balls he had out of his golf bag and proceeded to hit every one of them onto the green, using a different club for each shot. Legend has it that he used everything from a three wood to a putter.

Then he turned to the young pro and said, “It doesn’t matter what I used. Play your own game.” At which point he left his caddie, his bag, the young pro, and all those balls on the green and walked to the clubhouse.

So, is the wind blowing? Which way? Is it uphill or downhill? Is the ball in a divot, in the rough, in a perfect lie? Am I amped up from competition or feeling down because of illness? Do I want to carry it 125 or bounce it to 125? Do I need to hit it over a tree or under a tree or is the path clear?

One of the great things about golf is that the circumstances surrounding any shot can change from day to day and even hole to hole. Understanding, imagination and adaptability are very important. Simply pulling the same club at 125, whether that is an eight iron or a sand wedge or something in between, will work sometimes, but not every time.

2019 Canadian Open Results
Week One
NamePoints NamePoints
Bruno, Paul45 Basso, Ken47
Clarke, George55 Graves, Eric65
Crockett, Mike43 Hatfield, Jake44
Flood, Joe45 Lowe, Steve53
Gauthier, Bill41 MacNeill, Jim47
Hieb, Bill37 Nickerson, Kevin51
Serba, Bill51 Walker, Robert46
Total317 Total353

Week Two
NamePoints NamePoints
Bruno, Paul44 Graves, Eric50
Clarke,George47Walker, Robert47
Crockett, Mike44 MacNeill, Jim50
Flood, Joe46Lowe, Steve31
Gauthier, Bill44 Basso, Ken64
Serba, Bill46Hatfield, Jake43
Total2.5 Total3.5
Final Results

2019 Lil Bill Danforth Tournament

Ann Danforth presents the Winners Plaque to:
Eric Graves, Steve Slagarsa, Rich Miller, and Terry Collins

New Rules for 2019

  1. Search time—Reduced from five minutes to three minutes.
  2. Ball moved during search—Replace with no penalty.
  3. Embedded ball—Free relief anywhere through the green.
  4. Measuring a drop—Use longest club (except putter).
  5. Dropping—Drop from knee height rather than from shoulder height.
  6. Taking stance on the wrong green is no longer allowed.
  7. Ball unintentionally hits player or equipment—No penalty.
  8. Double hit—No penalty; now counts as only one shot.
  9. Touching sand in bunker incidentally is permitted.
  10. Loose impediments can be removed anywhere including hazards.
  11. Dropping a ball outside of a bunker—two penalty strokes.
  12. Water hazards—Now called “Penalty Areas.”
  13. Touching ground in penalty area—No penalty.
  14. Ball moves on green after being marked—Replace without penalty.
  15. Ball accidentally moved on putting green—Replace without penalty.
  16. All damage to green can now be repaired.
  17. Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted.
  18. Caddie assisting with alignment is now not permitted.
  19. Putting with flag stick in the hole is now permitted.
  20. Ball wedged against the flag stick and the side of the hole is deemed as holed.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest - 2018

Looks like a lot of fun - sorry I had to miss it!

The Crew

Awww... they kissed and made up! A Christmas Miracle!

I can hear John Seasholtz yelling, "Nice Sweater, Don Johnson!"

...And even the Grinch made an appearance

...and the Winners are: Jimmy Gay, 1st Place; Mike Chapman, 2nd Place

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